Why is Gambling so destructive?

Gambling Addiction is on the rise.
In a recession there are 2 industries that typically do very well and even boom;
Alcohol and Gambling Online betting is so socially acceptable and even ubiquitous now that there are hidden dangers lurking in every home and even on every person, because almost every home has an internet connection and every person is one click away from a mobile phone app for gambling.

Online Bingo Addiction Women suffer online betting addictions through online bingo sites and apps. Sure there has always been woman and of course men going to play bingo in bingo halls across the UK and other countrys ,but since the smoking ban and the widespread internet the problem has got out of control. Bingo is and always has been a very social game which was fine when people had to go out of the house to play the game or socialize in a bingo hall because if you went more than twice a week you would realize it was becoming a problem. Online bingo is social through the chat rooms on the bingo sites and it is now in the corner of every room through a desktop computer, on the coffee table through tablets and in your handbag through internet enabled mobile phones. Although there is no typical example of an online gambling addiction I can create an example of how it could get out of control. Lets say the man goes out to work and the children are at nursery or school. This means the housewife is at home alone for the first time in a while and there is a sense of emptiness. It is very easy to think they can just have a quick game of bingo before they get on with the housework. Online Bingo companies have installed chat rooms on their sites so you can chat with like minded people while you are waiting for the next bingo game. These chat rooms are replicating the old social aspect of bingo and the discussion is fast paced and very intresting. The internet has always been a time black hole where you go to do something quickly and 4 hours later you have left everything you needed to do and are still surfing the web. A chat room combined with fast paced multi card online bingo can be fine for some people and they manage to keep it balanced and play occasionally but for others it can get out of control fast and they either spent more time playing than they should or they lost way more money than they can afford. A typical bingo game can be from 10pence upwards but the company is there to make money so it is in their interest If you play multiple cards and keep coming back to play. Online Slots is definitely one of the easiest to lose all your money on. Like offline slots the atmosphere is exactly the same with music playing and lots of bleeping to have you thinking you are in a real casino. Unlike online bingo or online poker that normally develops into addiction from the social aspect, the typical online slots player will be not be a social person because typically online casino is a solo game or hobby. The losing part of online casino slots is often sometimes more addictive than winning. Amazing as it sounds we hear from people that have been addicted to online slots that the risk of losing everything is often more appealing than winning vast amounts of money. There is often underlying drug issues with people addicted to online slots and this is often because of the need for endorphins or excitement. We call this a kind of dual disorder even though it is not the typical kind but it could even be considered a triple disorder for a few reasons. First there is the drug issue that needs treating; Second there is the online gambling issue that needs treating; Third there is the actual reasons a person was taking drugs and gambling online which will need treating as well so those two problems never return. Online gambling addiction is very complicated addiction to treat and this is why not many rehabs can even attempt it because they just don’t have the skills we do or the highly experienced staff.

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